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As GPUs tend to upgrade on a regular basis, it is necessary to know what to do with your old and unused GPUs. You can always sell GPU for cash and take advantage of the current demand. GPUs are graphics processing units that are essential for activities like gaming, video creation, movie streaming, and content creation. They have faster processing speed and a built-in capability of handling multiple tasks. GPUs can process huge workloads. They can also process a large flow of data, making it easy for processing. 

 If you plan to replace the old ones with new GPUs, you can sell the GPU for cash. By doing so, you can get rid of old stuff. At the same time, it can give you a good amount of returns. You can use the money towards upgrading your system. There are many places where you can sell GPUs for cash.

At BuySellRam.com, we accept old CPUs, GPUs, memory, desktop, laptops, and hard-drive. You can contact us when you would like to sell GPU. The GPUs can be recycled and reused depending on the type and functionality.

If you are looking forward to selling GPUs for cash, you must follow a few steps for getting the right value in the market.

1.     Find out if the GPU is worth selling

 This is an important step to understand whether the GPU has value in the market. It can change depending on the market demand in the current situation. You can do simple and basic research on eBay and Amazon. By doing so, you can get a rough estimate and a reasonable price range to get started. As the prices keep changing, you must check on a regular basis. 

The price of a GPU depends on a number of factors. Some of these include age, processing ability, memory type, packaging, number of cores and threads, 2D and 3D capability, clock speed, energy efficiency, power consumption, and such factors. When you have a clear idea of the GPU, you can determine the real worth. Because different places have different price estimates based on demand, you can get a rough understanding of the price range. You must also consider if there are any other costs associated with selling GPU. For example, when you sell GPU for cash, you must understand any listing fee and packaging fees before making the final sale. 

2.     Find out the place to sell the GPU

         After you decide to sell GPU for cash, you must search for the right place to do so. There are two places where you can sell the GPU. The first place is any ITAD company. ITAD stands for Information Technology Asset disposal. The ITAD companies buy and sell hardware, memory, hard drives, CPUs, GPUs, servers, and other components. The old materials are recycled or reused depending on the type of processor. It can also be used for extracting metals from the components. ITAD companies have a great demand for selling old, used, and unused materials. You can contact any of the ITAD companies for selling your materials. As the ITAD company deals with the buying and selling of processors, they have thorough knowledge and expertise in the field. When you approach any such experienced ITAD company, you can be assured about the right value for your GPUs. 

There are many more options:

Another option is to find a person to whom you can sell GPUs for cash. It works as a peer-to-peer marketplace where you contact the person directly. If you know about any friends who would like to buy, it can make your work easier. There are marketplace options where you can find a buyer. For example, Facebook mining groups, Reddit hardware swap and Reddit mining swap Amazon, eBay are some examples of these marketplaces. You can describe the type and features of your GPU. By sharing these details, you can get the right kind of query and value for your GPU.

Whether you should go for ITAD or peer-to-peer depends on the type of GPU. If you have determined the value of these assets to be above a certain amount, you can go with ITAD for a peace of mind. As the companies have many years of experience, you can stay assured about their services. In order to go with a peer-to-peer type of system, you must invest time and patience. First you must gather all the necessary details about the GPU. Following it, you must know the right amount for the buyer. You will also be required to know about the payment methods for convenience for both the buyer and seller. It is necessary that you can trust the process. You cannot risk selling the GPUs to any potential scammers. Hence, it is important to do all your homework before you sell GPU for cash. 

Let us look into the top ten places where you can sell GPU for cash.

1. ITAD companies

Selling your GPU to any ITAD company is one of the easiest, quickest, and safest methods for ensuring timely payments and hassle-free processes. The ITAD companies have a systematic procedure for accepting the old GPUs. When you contact them with the details of your old materials, they can provide an instant quote. It is important to provide all the necessary details so they can provide the right quote. Most of the ITAD companies cover the shipping costs, making it easy to sell without any hidden fees. As they provide an instant quote, you do need to worry about uncertain prices or long wait times. Unlike auction websites and marketplaces, there is no need to wait in order to get the cash for your old GPU. 

You can sell your GPU for a good value to BuySellRam. You can contact us with the details of your old devices. We shall provide the quote instantly. If you have any queries, you can always reach out to us at our customer service. After you accept the quote, you can pack the GPU and send it across to us. You can rest assured about a fast payment process. There is no room for any uncertainty or loss as you would know the amount before sending us the materials. When you choose to sell your GPU to any of the ITAD companies, you can eliminate the stress and enjoy your payment in a short while.

2. eBay

eBay is another popular platform where you can sell your GPU. It is a well-known and trusted source that has been in the industry since a long time. It is used by sellers and buyers for a wide variety of transactions. You can expect an easy process if you choose to sell the GPU on the website. eBay is undoubtedly a popular platform that increases the audience base. Most often, you can take advantage of good prices when you post your GPU on the website. You would have to create an account in order to sell on eBay. When you create an account and enter all the details, you can expect a response in a short while. It is necessary to consider any additional charges and fees before selling on eBay. You may have to pay shipping and packaging fees before selling. 

But as eBay is used by many sellers and buyers, you can expect a rising demand for your GPU. Based on the demand, features, and condition of the GPU, you can enjoy a good price.

3. Facebook Marketplace

This next platform does not need any introduction. As a popular social media platform, Facebook marketplace is a good choice. You can enjoy popularity and demand when you pick this service. Like eBay, you would require an account to post the details. It is encouraged to post photos and descriptions to offer a clear idea about the product. You must check the amount necessary for shipping, packaging, and other any transactions. It has a large network of people who may be eager to buy the product. This increases the demand and value of your old GPU. Though you can expect a popular response for your device, you must be careful before finalizing the transaction. If you would meet the person to sell your GPU, you should choose a public place and go along with someone for your safety. You can expect a quick return and invest the money for your next GPU.

4. Reddit- Hardware Swap

Reddit is another peer-to-peer network for selling your GPU. It has many members that makes it a popular platform. You can grab the attention to a wider audience and can expect a good value. It is important to share all the details about the GPU including the model number, brand, base clock, boost clock, number of cores, and other specifications. You must also upload the pictures of your GPU. Depending on the demand for the particular model, you can wait for the responses. Like Facebook marketplace, you must be careful and stay away from scammers. The platform has rules for your safety and privacy. You can follow them to ensure a stress-free procedure. Like other platforms, you must consider any additional charges before selling your GPU.

5. Reddit- Miner swap

This is a reddit platform for selling and buying materials. It is a special group for miners who buy old GPUs for its materials. If there is a demand for your particular GPU, you can expect a good amount. You can always post your old materials and understand the demand. Like Reddit, you must make an account and share the details for the audience. If you are shipping the product, you must calculate the shipping and packaging charges. It is necessary to package it well to avoid any issues during transit. 

6. Amazon

As one of the largest platforms for online stores, Amazon is undoubtedly an excellent choice for selling your GPU. It has many buyers in the network that can make it easy to get a good price. You can also expect a good response within a short while. Selling on Amazon involves many steps and procedures. It may be a time-consuming process that can add to the overall work. Besides, you should also check if it requires any additional charges. Though it has a huge network of buyers, you may be forced to wait for the right price and demand.

7. Facebook Mining Groups

This is another good option that can increase your audience base. Facebook contains many specific groups that can help you to target the right kind of audience. If you have a recommendation for a group of your interest, you can post the details of your GPU. Another option is to search for mining groups and check if there is a demand for your type of GPU. This process may be time consuming during the initial research phase. You would have to search for the right group, while also looking out for scammers. 

8. Craigslist

Though Craigslist enjoys the popularity of a large network, it may also have many scammers and fake accounts. It is a good option for reaching out to your local network. You may get a good price for your GPU, but you would have to ensure your safety. It is recommended to opt for a public place where you can meet the person safely and exchange the GPU for cash. It may not be one of the best and preferable options as compared to the other choices. 

9. Local community website 

If you have a website for your local community where you can post classified ads, you can post details about your GPU. This method can be safe as you can meet the person in a public place in your locality. The advantage is you can expect to get the amount quickly. If there is a demand for your GPU, you can instantly sell it in your local neighborhood. 

10. Family and friends

There is no doubt that selling to extended family and friends is one of the safest methods for selling your GPU. The only catch being that there must be some interest and demand for what you are selling. If you have friends who are gaming enthusiasts, you may be able to sell them instantly without any trouble of creating an account or worrying about shipping and packaging.

Final steps before selling GPU for cash


  1. Enter all the details

This is one of the most important steps when you sell GPUs for cash. You must enter all the details about the GPU. It includes all the specifications, brand, number, processing power, equipment condition, and any other details. You should take pictures of the GPU for clarity. You must make sure to include your contact information that makes it easy for the buyer to contact in case of any requirement.

2. Packaging and shipping

When you have completed all the necessary steps to sell GPU for cash, you should be ready to package it well. This is probably the most important step while selling. If you do not package it well, it can destroy and damage easily. As processors are made of sensitive materials, any form of damage is dangerous for your GPU. It can render it absolutely useless and there would be no use for the buyer. In order to ensure proper packaging, you must research the right kind of packaging materials. After getting the correct materials, you must wrap it correctly and send it across. Care must be taken to ensure that the GPUs do not break during transit. You can wrap them protective materials that can reduce the impact during handling and shipping.

Finally, when you sell GPUs for cash, you can enjoy the last and most exciting step of receiving cash. If you are looking forward to buying a new GPU, you can start the research and buying process.