At, we specialize in buying large lots of IT equipment and other types of technology from data centers, corporations, schools, and government agencies. The more you have, the more we can pay.

Bulk IT Assets

We buy computer and networking equipment in large lots, usually in large bulk or $1000+ in value. This includes desktop and laptop computers, individual components like computer memory, CPUs, GPUs, SSDs, and hard drives, as well as mobile and phone devices like laptops, smartphones, Apple products, tablets, and much more.


Gaming Technology

Modern gaming computers are built with powerful and capable components. We buy entire systems and individual components in large lots, including graphics cards, and processors built specifically for gaming.

Science Technology

When it is time to upgrade test and lab equipment, we can buy all of your used lab equipment at once. We buy everything from spectrometers and microscopes to pipettes and dispensers. We specialize in buying large lots from schools, and institutions, including mixed lots with a variety of items.


Professional Technology

We also buy large lots of professional photography or videography equipment. This includes cameras, lenses, and lighting, as well as computers and laptops built for graphic design. We buy large lots from corporations and government agencies, including mixed lots.

Do you have a large lot of equipment to get rid of? We buy a wide variety of technology components for different uses across all major and minor brands and models. Gather up your information, and fill out an online quote form.

We will provide an offer with a quick turnaround for the highest prices available based on lot size. The bottom line is that bigger lots bring better prices. works with corporations, schools, government agencies, and other institutions to buy and sell technology in large lots.

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