High-quality photo and video continue to grow in demand as the business world embraces the power of digital content marketing. From online catalogs to social media ads and email marketing, digital photography is nearing a $149 billion dollar industry. Stay competitive with the latest in photo and video technology and let BuySellRam.com help offset your costs while taking your old equipment off your hands.

We buy large lots of cameras and lenses, auto video equipment, as well as other optical devices like binoculars and field scopes by major brands like Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Olympus, Panasonic, GoPro, Sony, and more.

Photography Cameras

High-quality photography is the cornerstone of digital marketing. The professional photography industry will adapt to meet these growing needs, and the market for photography cameras will continue to grow. With plenty of buyers, we can offer the best prices for all types of photography equipment like compact digital cameras, digital SLR cameras, mirrorless cameras, and digital medium format cameras. We also buy traditional film cameras. BuySellRam.com buys all major brands, including Canon, Nikon, Fujifilm, Sony, Panasonic, Olympus, Pentax, Sigma, and many more.


Camera Lenses and Filters

Any photographer or videographer knows that camera lenses are a creative necessity. These accessories hold high values as the tools that allow photographers to manipulate mood, depth, and range to get perfect shots. We buy SLR lenses, mirrorless lenses, specialty lenses, video camera lenses, medium format lenses, rangefinder lenses, special effects lenses, conversion lenses, adapters, filter rings, holders, mounts, and tubes. We buy all major brands, including Sony, Nikon, Canon, Rokinon, Tamron, Sigma, Zeiss, Mamiya, Tokina, Minolta, Panasonic, Olympus, and Fujifilm.

Audio/Video Equipment

Did you know one of the fastest-growing markets for audio/visual equipment is schools that are amping up remote learning? The technology of today allows teachers to interact with students in a classroom or over a broadband connection, and it takes modern A/V equipment to get the job done right. We buy all types of audio/video equipment, including cameras, camcorders, lenses, lighting, microphones, speaker system, and DJ equipment.

Video Devices: Professional videography cameras, camcorders, PTZ cameras and controls, VR and 360 cameras, digital cinema cameras, action cameras, video lenses, monitors, wireless and live video streaming device, post-production equipment, viewfinders, stabilizers, and lighting.

Audio Devices: DJ equipment, including mixers, controllers, lighting, headphones, and turntables. Studio and recording equipment, including audio recorder, computer audio for video, professional audio speakers, channel strips & preamps. And PA systems, including speakers, amplifiers, intercom systems, mixers, monitors, headphones, earphones, and microphones.


Drone and Sports Optics

Aerial drones are taking audio/visual access to new levels—literally. It has never been easier to create aerial tours of properties for real estate listings or survey woodlands. We buy all models of drones with and without cameras. When it comes to optical devices, drones are just the beginning. We are also interested in binoculars, monoculars, night vision & thermal imaging, spotting scopes, telescopes, riflescopes & sights & rangefinders, and many other types of optical equipment.

Industrial Optical Devices

From studying microscopic particles to measuring electromagnetic radiation, optical technology is used in industrial applications every day. At BuySellRam.com, we buy new and used industrial optical devices for many applications like healthcare and metrology. We are interested in super-resolution microscopes, confocal microscopes, multiphoton microscopes, upright microscopes, stereo microscopes, and camera for microscopy. We also buy measuring instruments like autocollimators, profile projectors, CNC measuring systems and more. Also, we buy many types of industrial lenses, including high-resolution and large format lenses, industrial lenses with variable magnification, high-resolution industrial lenses for line sensor, micro lenses, macro lenses, low-magnification lenses, ultraviolet light lenses, and many more.


Digital Camera Technology

Digital SLR cameras are the most widely used among professional photographers and videographers. These devices are popular for their sharp photo and video quality, interchangeable lenses, and flexible settings. Most models allow users to switch between manual and automatic settings, which make these devices suitable for a range of users.

But digital SLR cameras aren’t the only option for photographers and videographers. Mirrorless cameras, which are commonly used by more advanced photographers, skip the mirror and allow the light directly into the lens. The manual focus on a mirrorless camera is significantly easier, and these cameras give the photographer full creative control—hence their popularity among experienced photographers.

And then there is a handful of submarkets for specialty cameras. For photographers who prefer the aesthetic of film over digital, there is still a solid market for traditional film cameras. For adventure-seeking enthusiasts looking to capture their thrills, there are action cameras that mount to helmets and bikes. And for the future of e-commerce, there are 360 cameras that are capable of taking amazing footage without the need for framing. This type of photography allows online retailers to provide a full picture of a product and is the next best thing to being able to put your hands on it.

Digital photography and videography equipment caters to a range of needs from amateur hobbyists to professional productions. Professional video camera and camcorder equipment is high-end, high-output equipment with dozens of manual settings to adapt to different shooting scenarios. Professional camcorders are designed for all-day use with good ergonomics and user-friendly sensors and filters.

Optical Equipment Technology

Modern visual equipment like rifle scopes and binoculars contain a lot more technology than many realize. Telescopes for astronomy have high-tech lenses for precision in viewing the sky. All telescopes fit into three main categories: reflectors, refractors, and catadioptrics. These devices have come a long way from scoping for pirates and the days of Galileo.

Even smaller devices like binoculars and monoculars are packed full of valuable technology. They also come in a range of sizes, from portable to full-size models. Full-size binoculars come with magnifications of 8 x 42 or 10 x 50, capturing the lightest and widest field of view. Midsize binoculars have a slightly smaller field of view but are equally good for sports spectators and wildlife viewing. And compact binoculars offer minimalist magnifications of 8 x 25 or 10 x 25 and are good for travel.

BuySellRam.com buys all types of photo and video equipment ranging from traditional film cameras to high-end telescopes and microscopes. And we make it easy to sell your technology with a simple, hassle-free process. Start by letting us know what you have using our online quote request tool. We’ll get back to you within a few hours with a best-in-market offer. Then, all you need to do is accept your offer, receive the shipping label and package your products. We will take care of the rest along with fast payment issued within 24 hours of delivery.

Have more tech to sell? We are happy to take a look at everything from photography cameras to computer memory. We buy large lots of technology components from businesses, schools, government offices, and data centers.

BuySellRam.com specializes in buying large lots of photography and computer equipment. We guarantee the best available prices and a quick, painless process. Get started with a custom quote for your stuff today.

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