Science helps modern society overcome adversity. You don't have to look far to find examples like the development of effective vaccines to stop the COVID-19 pandemic that has disrupted life around the globe, among many others. Lab/test equipment is a $30.6 Billion dollar industry, and there are plenty of places looking to buy the extra equipment in your storeroom. can offer the highest market prices for your extra test equipment. We buy new and used test equipment like oscilloscopes, probes, analyzers, meters, signal generators, data loggers, and much more. They are widely used in science, engineering, telecommunications, medical, automotive, and other industries. buys all major brands of test equipment, including HP Agilent, Spirent/Adtech, Tektronix, Fluke, Yohde & Schwarz, Yokogawa, Anritsu, Hioki, Megger, Advantest, EXFO, Keithley, LeCroy, and more.

What We Buy

Oscilloscopes and Probes

An oscilloscope is an instrument that converts electrical signals to a graph form. Probes are another type of discovery instrument. New technology in test equipment allows researchers to speed up the turnaround time of their lab work. These instruments are used across many fields, including science, engineering, telecommunications, medical, and automotive industries. We buy analog, digital, mixed domain, mixed-signal, and other oscilloscope technology. The top brands include Tektronix, Keysight, Agilent HP, LeCroy, and Instek.



Analyzers are another type of test instrument that monitors electrical devices like audio spectrums, voltages, electrical currents, signals, and frequencies. In many industries like medicine and technology, analyzers are helpful monitoring and diagnostic tools that can help identify problems. We buy spectrum analyzers, signal analyzers, logic analyzers, data analyzers (data generators), vector network analyzers, antenna analyzers, audio analyzers, impedance analyzers, and more. We buy new and used equipment from major brands like Instek, Agilent, BK Precision, Advantest, AEA Technology, and more.

Signal/Waveform Generators

A signal generator outputs a calibrated signal for testing, designing, troubleshooting, and repairing electronic devices. They come in many different types for different purposes, including some creative uses. We buy RF signal generators, sound frequency generators, digital pattern generators, function generators, TV signal generators, and more. The top brands include Agilent HP, Instek, Keysight, Rigol, Tektronix, and WaveTek, among others.


Data Acquisition and Loggers

Have you ever wondered how we collect data on real-world phenomena like earthquakes? Data acquisition tools sample signals from these events and convert them to digital form for input into a computer system. We buy a wide range of test equipment, including these brands and models:

ACR: Electrical & Environmental Data Loggers
AEMC: AC Current Loggers, AC Voltage Loggers, Clamp-on Loggers, DC Current Loggers, DC Voltage Loggers, Event Loggers, Multiparameter Loggers, Temperature and Humidity Loggers.
Temperature Data Loggers
Digi-Sense: Anemometer, Sound Level, Temperature, and Humidity Data Loggers

Other brands include Extech, General, Graphtec, Hioki, Lascar, and Onset. While top brands will bring the highest offers, we buy all major and minor brands of technology.


Meters are measurement tools used in lab settings, from food production facilities to medical testing. There are dozens of different meters. Some of the most common models that we buy include cable height meters, clamp meters, current probes, multimeters (digital, analog, or benchtop), EMF and Gauss meters, AC meters, electrometers, frequency meters, hydrometers, micro voltmeters, and many more. The top brands include Agilent, Tektronix, Instek, Fluke, WaveTek, Hioki, and Techwin.


Network Test Equipment

Network test equipment used to test or probe telecommunications or digital networking. With the rise of data networks, this type of test equipment has become increasingly popular. This type of equipment might include amplifiers, attenuators, calibrators, communication testing equipment, component analyzers, counters, timers, data acquisition equipment, electrical noise testers, optical testers, oscillators, power meters, power supplies, power generators, pulse generators, signal analyzers, signal generators, spectrum analyzers, sweep generators, telecom/video/wireless analyzers, and more.

Digital Storage Oscilloscopes

Digital lab equipment is quickly replacing older analog equipment due to its inherent ability to quickly gather and store data. Newer technologies are speeding up innovation in science, engineering, and medical fields—making these oscilloscopes in demand. Digital storage oscilloscopes gather and store data on signals. Voltage, frequency, distortion, timing, and signal noise are all important waveform measurements that help scientists and engineers analyze data.

Choosing a good digital storage oscilloscope depends on several factors. Here is what to look for:

  • Bandwidth
  • Sample Rate
  • Channel Density
  • Compatible Probes
  • Triggering
  • Record Length

The bandwidth determines the instrument's ability to measure digital signals. Higher bandwidth ratings indicate more capable instruments. The sample rate determines how detailed the wavelength samples are or how much information they provide. Channel density also impacts the instrument's performance. Fewer channels will limit the ability of the device as it will fill up memory quickly. More channels are preferable in terms of performance.

When it comes to practical uses of a digital oscilloscope, choosing a model with the right probes for the intended application ultimately determines how useful the instrument is. Triggering functionality determines how an instrument will sample readings. Auto triggers are common, but if you can find a device that offers optional manual and automatic triggering, it will provide more flexibility. Record length determines how many points make up a complete waveform or how long the sample is.

Signal Generator

Signal generators are the backbone of modern high-speed communication networks like 5G and 802.11ax. Early incarnations of these devices brought surround sound stereo for Disney's Fantasia show, and today they continue to be an important part of testing and transmitting audio devices. The quality of a signal generator is dependent on many factors.

What to look for:

  • Waveforms
  • Resolution
  • Frequency Limits
  • Bandwidth
  • Sampling Rate
  • Output Impedance
  • Frequency Stability
  • Phase Lock Capability
  • Modulation

Waveforms are the most important indicator of an instrument's performance and need to be compatible with the intended use. General function generators produce square waves, sine waves, pulses, triangular waves, ramp waves, or sawtooth waves. In addition to matching the waveform type to your application, also look for generators that provide some flexibility.

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