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BuySellRam.com (BSR) is offering three undergraduate scholarships to promising students in the field of technology. Each award of $1,500 can be used towards the expenses of higher education.

Technology is driving change in the way that we work and live. Technology allowed an entire world to quickly and effortlessly adopt remote working arrangements in the face of a global pandemic. It creates adaptive learning environments that can cater to different learners, bringing equity to the classroom. Technology powers advancements in data processing and artificial intelligence that can drive cars, automate manufacturing, personalize healthcare, and help companies deliver best-in-class customer service.

How Technology is Shaping Our Future

There seems to be no corner too remote for the reach of technological innovation. From smart homes to smart cities, we are building a digital society that is changing the rules for how we work and play.

Smart Living

We have reached a point in time when the average home has at least one robot that can turn on lights, lock the door from a distance, or make dinner reservations. We invest in the future thinkers in the technology space because we are intrigued by what they will come up with next. Our bets are on a refrigerator that automatically re-orders groceries or whole-house routines that make getting up and getting ready a breeze!

Dating in the World of Artificial Intelligence

Over the last 20 years, we have seen the rise of capable online dating apps. Today there are more than 53 million people shacking up with the aid of technology. Dating apps of the future will only grow to become increasingly better at making perfect matches as we skillfully deploy artificial intelligence (AI) to take the hard work out of dating. Does that mean fewer marriages will end in divorce? It’s a possibility that we can hope for.

Changing the Way We Do Things

We have already seen a major upheaval in the world of work, and by now, I doubt that anyone questions the potential for technology to revolutionize the workforce. Computer screens have replaced cashiers at fast food joints, and now robotic arms are replacing workers in factories. Innovations in technology have the potential to make big changes in our efficiencies as a society. With fewer hands on the production line, maybe our society can get back to family values and the pursuit of a happy life.

The bottom line is that technology is changing our lives every single day. It is up to us to shape that change to benefit our society. As a company that is deeply rooted in the IT world, we believe that it is our mission to influence positive change. At BSR, our scholarship program is intended to encourage progress in all areas of technology for the benefit of our society.

About BuySellRam.com

At BuySellRam.com, we embrace technology as a powerful tool to create positive change in our personal and professional lives. At the heart of our business as an IT asset distribution company is a desire to facilitate the exchange of resources. We want to provide a mutually beneficial marketplace where buyers and sellers come together to exchange resources.

We believe that sellers should have access to a secure, hassle-free way to get the real value out of their equipment. And we believe that buyers should have access to competitively priced tech without paying big-box retail markups. We know there is a need for both, and we are building the bridge.

What is an ITAD Company?

BuySellRam.com is an IT Asset Distribution (ITAD) company. We specialize in helping companies with large lots of tech equipment get the most money out of their extra inventory. Our company sells to a global market technology market, but our customers are typically looking for cost-effective equipment for corporations, schools, government agencies, and other large-scale needs.

We know that there is extra technology sitting on shelves collecting dust, and we know that there is a buyer out there who can use that technology. It is our goal to make it easy to turn your large lots of unneeded tech assets into easy cash.

Why We Are Different

There are other ITAD companies out there. But the thing is that peddling used technology seems to draw a questionable crowd. At best, smooth-talking and tech-savvy buyers seem to be good at discounting the value of what they are trying to buy so that they can literally steal it out of your hands.

At BuySellRam.com, we value honesty and transparency in every transaction. We offer a simple, three-step buying process with guaranteed highest-value offers and fast payments. Sure, you can find your own buyers and avoid the markup of working with a third party. But with BSR, we make it so easy that you don’t have to.

For buyers, we offer quality tested and reviewed technology equipment that works and fair prices. We specialize in bulk lots so that you don’t have to spend time cobbling together a solution that will fit your need.

What We Buy

We have a big catalog. If your computer equipment fits even the slimmest definition of technology, there is a good chance we are willing to make an offer. Why? Because technology has value. The key to our business is that we buy in bulk lots from corporations, schools, and government agencies. Working in volume is how we can make the exchange of technology profitable for sellers and valuable to buyers.

We buy many different types of technology, including:

Computer Memory (RAM)
Computer Processors (CPU)
Solid State Drives (SSD)
Hard Drives
Gaming Consoles and Accessories
Lab Equipment
Graphics Modules (GPU)
VoIP Business Phone System
Videoconferencing Technology
Digital Cameras and Videography Equipment

About the Scholarship

Our scholarship program is an investment in the future of our industry and the bright young minds that will shape it. Each scholarship is $1,500 and may be used towards the expenses of pursuing higher education in the field of technology.

Who Is Eligible to Apply?

Applicants must be enrolled full-time at an accredited US college or university during the semester they receive the scholarship. We welcome applications from incoming freshmen as well as online learners. And while there are no restrictions for declared majors, all applicants should have a demonstrated interest in technology.

At BSR, we value diversity. Real innovation comes from diverse perspectives forged from blended experiences. We want to break down the traditional barriers to creativity, nurture talent, and ignite passion so that we can all benefit from the ideas to come. We don’t want to create a pipeline that produces more of the same. We want something different. Something exciting. Our scholarships are open to domestic, international, and undocumented students─ all are encouraged to apply!

How to Apply (What We Need from You)

We need to hear your story, essay-style. Specifically, we want to know how technology influences your life. In a 1,000 – 1,500 word essay, tell us about your relationship with technology and the role it plays in your goals for the future.

How does technology help shape your day-to-day activities, and what influence has that had on your character? Talk to us about your favorite piece of technology and how you use it. It doesn’t have to be as inspirational as a Fitbit that inspired a couch-to-5K story that ultimately led to winning the Boston marathon, but hey─ if that’s your story, then run with it (pun intended!) The point is to showcase some authentic personality.

We want to know how technology has influenced your academic success and what role it will play in your future success. In short, we want to know who you are why technology is important to you. Send your best work along with proof of enrollment to the contact below.

Submission Information

Please submit all applications electronically to bsrscholarship@gmail.com.

Please make sure that all scholarship submissions include the following:

Full Name
Email Address
College or University Name
College or University Address
Proof of Enrollment
Essay (pdf or doc only, please)

Proof of enrollment includes transcripts, acceptance letter, tuition bill, or current school, and proof of application to a program. If you have not yet been accepted, we will ask for proof of enrollment at the time funds are awarded.

2021 Fall Semester Deadline: Please send application packages by September, 1, 2021.

2022 Spring Semester Deadline: Please send application packages by December 31, 2021.

Final Words

At BuySellRam.com, we are committed to honest communication and transparent business practices. We believe in being good stewards in the technology industry. And we work hard to bring valuable partnerships together. Our 2021 scholarship program is designed to promote our values in the future of technology. We believe that positive change comes from creating a culture of innovation. And we want to invest in the bright dreams of young students who will become the future faces in our industry.

We encourage applications from domestic, international, and undocumented students pursuing learning in higher education with an interest in technology. Only applications that include an essay on the topic of technology as outlined above will be considered.