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Memory or RAM can be considered as any of the main components of a computer. As it holds all the data necessary for any application or program, it is required on a regular basis. When you request an input, the CPU turns to memory for the necessary data instructions. Unless memory searches for the data and makes it accessible to the CPU, a CPU cannot return the output. No matter what type of applications or programs you use, every single one would depend on the memory. Memory is also consumed by the background processes in any system. In order to improve computer performance, you may need to upgrade the memory. If you replace the memory with a new one, you can always sell your old memory.

The memory chips in your RAM holds a significant value. Instead of discarding it into trash, you can earn a good amount by selling your old memory. There are many places that accept old memory and offer cash value. Whether you are discarding your old computer or only replacing the memory, it is a good idea to remove the memory and sell it in any of the convenient places. Oftentimes, we remove the memory and save it as a substitute to be used at a later date. But when you upgrade your computer with faster memory, you would not benefit from downgrading to the old memory. 

As the latest memory options have features such as DDR4 form, higher clock speed, overclockability potential, and also low latency, it is beneficial to upgrade to a newer RAM. But while doing so, you can sell your old memory at the earliest. Instead of waiting for it to lose value, you can act immediately and invest the amount towards the new upgrade.

Finding the right place to sell your old memory

If you have decided to sell your old memory, you can search for the right place to sell it. Depending on the demand, time, purpose, cost, and accessibility, you can easily pick a place. If you are new to the process, you can research all your options beforehand. By searching for similar listings that match your old memory, you may be able to get a rough idea. 

It is important to search all the details about your RAM. You can search the specifications on the internet by using your model number. It is beneficial to know as many details as possible. You can find out the clock speed, capacity, latency, and form. When you provide all the details, you can write a good listing and sell it with the right information.

1.     Online websites that accept old memory 

There are many online websites where you can sell your old memory. You can expect a convenient and fast process without waiting for the right offer or auction bid. It is also a trusted and secured platform so you can be assured of getting your money in return. Depending on the demand for your particular memory, you can expect a fair and reasonable price in return. The advantage is that you can know the amount beforehand. 

One of the convenient platforms is BuySellRam.com. You can sell through an easy process. All you have to do is enter the details about your old memory. You can expect a free quote in a short while. It can take away the hassles of creating a listing and posting it on auction websites. You would not have to wait for the right offer and worry about accepting the right price. 

2.     Trade-in options to sell your old memory

If you would prefer to trade your old memory and buy something else in return, you can go with the trade-in option. Companies like Amazon, BestBuy, Apple and few others have a trade-in program. You can either use the online process or visit the stores. You must enter the details about the old memory and wait for a quote. They offer a gift certificate or gift card with the amount. If you would like to buy something right away, you can even book your new product. They would remove the amount of the old memory and charge for the remaining price. 

An online process may take 2-3 weeks for processing. For a faster process, you can also visit the store for an in-store credit. Amazon has a fast and convenient process where you can get an Amazon gift card for making any purchase. BestBuy also has an easy process for obtaining store credit. MacMemory is a trade-in program if you would like to buy Apple products in return.

3.     Online auction websites to sell your old memory 

You can post your old memory on an online auction website and wait for the right offer. Depending on the demand for the particular memory, you can expect a reply for your product. Often you may find a buyer who is looking for the same RAM as yours. Hence you can expect a good deal for the memory. Users may also require RAM for extracting the metals from the chip. Irrespective of the purpose, you can post your listing and wait for an offer. In order to ensure that you get offers from serious buyers, you must give all the information about the features. It is helpful to mention the condition, color, weight, size, technical specifications, and any other relevant information. 

Unless you provide the details, you may not receive any queries. eBay is a popular ecommerce platform where you can find many buyers. As eBay has a wide network of users, you may find the right buyer in a short while. You can find out the shipping cost and any other charges such as listing price beforehand. 

4.     Peer-to-peer platforms 

If you would like to sell your old memory locally, you can post the listing on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. There is a certain amount of risk involved while dealing with strangers. If you have any common friends in the local community, you can find an interested buyer and avoid the hassles of shipping and packaging. Reddit has a subreddit platform that deals with buying and selling of hardware named Hardwareswap. If you have an established account on reddit and use it frequently, you can also take advantage of the program. Reddit checks for scammers and takes steps to verify the account. 

Finding the right place for selling your old memory can be easy and hassle-free. You can expect a good value in return and use it towards a newer upgrade.