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BuySellRam.com (BSR) is a top-notch ITAD company, but don’t just take our word for it. We have recently earned an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). As an established name brand in IT asset distribution, we have built a reputation based on honesty, authenticity, and efficiency.

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“We are honored to be recognized by the Better Business Bureau. At BSR, every step of our process is designed with our customers in mind. It’s all about bringing them the most value without the typical hassle of dispersing IT assets. Earning an A+ rating with the BBB really lets us know that we are providing a valuable service to the technology world.”

— Yi Pan, Owner at BuySellRam.com

What is the Better Business Bureau?

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a national organization that believes in promoting an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can come together and form mutually beneficial partnerships. The BBB serves as an unbiased intermediary that reviews businesses and assigns them a score based on metrics that indicate good business principles.

In addition to their business rating system, the BBB allows consumers to file complaints and brands to respond to complaints, tracks potential scams, and facilitates business connections with quote tools and much more. The BBB is an invaluable tool for both business owners and consumers.

Businesses that receive accreditation from the BBB enjoy a strong vote of public confidence and the positive reputation of the business world’s name brand in investigating and stopping fraud by promoting ethical business practices. But not just any business is eligible for accreditation. First, the length of time that their doors have been open for business matters.

It takes at least one year in business to register, and four more years to receive the full points for “time in business” that are needed for a high score. This is because it takes all businesses a little bit of time to establish a pattern of behavior, and the BBB wants to provide accurate, honest assessments based on how a business behaves.

What Does a BBB A+ Rating Mean?

In short, an A+ rating means that a business operates in compliance with a strict code of ethics. This means that consumers can trust the transparency and integrity of the business and have every reason to believe that they will represent their products and services honestly, protect their customer relationships, and work hard to be responsive.

How Does the BBB Rating System Work?

The Better Business Bureau evaluates businesses on a point system based on a perfect score of 100 points. The grading scale works just like the traditional academic model, with an A+ reserved for those businesses who achieve 97 points or better.

BBB Criteria:

Complaint Volume
Unanswered Complaints
Unresolved Complaints
Time to Resolve Complaints
Failure to Address Complaints
Age of Business
Type of Business
Transparency in Business Practices
Failure to Honor Mediation
Competency Licensing
Government Action
Advertising Review
Trademark Infringement

The BBB system weighs heavily on complaints and how the business deals with them. This is because the most important indicator of trust is not the absence of failures, but in how businesses respond to those failures.

The first five criteria, mostly revolving around how many complaints a business receives and how they handle them, are the only categories that a business can earn points on. The remaining categories only deduct points for non-compliance.

Essentially, businesses that prove themselves to be pillars of the community by conducting their business in a reputable and trustworthy manner will achieve the highest ratings. As businesses fail to deliver on these promises, their scores will drop, and their ratings will fall.

How BSR Earned an A+ BBB Rating

At BuySellRam.com, we are committed to delivering value in every interaction. With honest communication, transparent pricing, and quick service, there isn’t much to complain about. But we aren’t perfect. And we aren’t trying to sell the illusion that we are. However, we are responsive and willing to work things out.

Our commitment to outstanding customer service is the key that helped us earn an outstanding A+ rating with the BBB. From quote requests to inquiries, you can always expect a quick response. We’re a big fan of keeping the lines of communication open and wrapping things up quickly. When you sell to BSR, you will get top dollar offers and quick payment, which falls right in line with our values to provide quick, efficient, and friendly service.

What We Do

BuySellRam.com is an IT asset distribution company (ITAD). That means that we specialize in helping organizations like companies, schools, and government offices securely handle their redundant technology. Whether the technology falls out of circulation due to an upgrade, bankruptcy, or reorganization, we can help you handle what comes next while protecting your sensitive data and putting some cash, back in your pocket.

And, on the flip side, we repurpose that redundant technology to provide affordable options for small companies, non-profits, and educational institutions that can benefit from technology. By making these connections between those who have extra technology assets to sell and eligible buyers who need them, we help businesses and organizations of all sizes reach their goals.

We pay top dollar for bulk lots, including:

Computer Memory
Hard Drives
Cell Phones and Tablets
Servers & Networking Hardware
Test Equipment
And More…

What Makes Us Different

There are a growing number of ITAD companies filling similar needs. And as technology becomes more integrated into our daily lives and how we do business, the need for ITAD will continue to grow exponentially. With plenty of competition popping up in the ITAD world, companies can be a little more choosey.

With options, companies can choose to work with ITAD services that commit to getting them the highest market prices. They can choose a responsive partner that will keep the lines of communication open. And most importantly, they can choose to work with professionals who know the industry inside and out. This is where BSR really stands out, and earning an A+ BBB rating just seals the deal.

With BSR, you get:

Simple, 3-Step Selling Process
Highest Market Prices Guaranteed
Responsive Service and Quick Payments
Industry-Compliant Data Security and Erasure Processes
Commitment to Honesty and Transparency
Dedication to Using Technology to Benefit Everyone

Why It is Important to Partner with Ethical Vendors

The bottom line on why an A+ BBB rating is a big deal is because it is an unbiased designation that a company has been independently reviewed and deemed to conduct its business in an ethical manner. Your business is important, and every service that you utilize needs to work in harmony with your operations to help you achieve your goals.

Sometimes, finding the right partnerships takes a lot of legwork, and we don’t always get it right. But organizations like the Better Business Bureau can make it a lot easier to find the right vendors for your business. The BBB rating system is something that you can put your trust in when looking for the right vendors. And there is no place in your business that high ethical standards are more important than in the technology space.

Most of the devices and hardware used by your company contain sensitive data files on your clientele, research and development, and your business. And while most companies think they have the data security thing under control, but one study conducted by the Blanco Technology Group found that more than three-quarters of refurbished, resold, or disposed hard drives still contained sensitive data. This number is even after individuals and employees made an effort to erase the data from the drives prior to handing them over. So, how secure is your company data when you recycle a device?

These staggering statistics only point to a significant risk that makes it more important than ever to invest in a reputable ITAD service in order to protect your sensitive data. At BSR, we use strict, industry-compliant methods for erasing data and destroying end-of-life technology. We are committed to being good stewards of technology, and more importantly, we are committed to protecting our customers at every opportunity.

It’s important to choose the right vendors for your business in order to mitigate risks and leverage specialized industry expertise where you need it. And more importantly, good vendors make your business look good. When it comes to ITAD services, it gives you peace of mind that you are doing everything possible to protect your sensitive data through the entire lifecycle of every piece of technology.

The Point to Remember

An A+ rating from the BBB is a terrific accomplishment. But more important than adding accolades to a business name, it really means something. The Better Business Bureau is recognized nationally as an unbiased standard for ethical business practices. Businesses that earn high scores are the ones doing all of the right things. The BBB rating system simply makes it easier for businesses and consumers to find the right services by recognizing those who are likely to provide great service.

BuySellRam.com has established a brand built on honesty, integrity, transparency, and value. Earning an A+ BBB rating is like a seal of approval rewarding their ethical business practices, and we are honored to be designated one of the best in ITAD services.