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An intensive process like cryptocurrency mining demands a lot of power and memory. You would need a graphics card that matches the optimum performance level within the cost limits. While searching for graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining, you would need options that run at a high load. You would also require longer processing time which means the processor has to operate on a continuous level. The faster processing and high-speed requirements demand special specifications or features. While looking for a graphics card, you must consider the specifications like capacity, memory, speed, and overclock ability.

There are several options that differ in terms of power consumption. Also, you can look at the number of CUDA cores that form the main components of the GPU. You should also look at power draw before choosing a GPU. Other features such as performance capability and stability should also be taken into consideration. You would observe that graphics cards that are perfect for intensive gaming also do great in cryptocurrency mining. As mining is an intensive process, it must be supported by powerful settings. 

Options of Best Graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining

1.     Best overall performance: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3060 Ti

An excellent card with impressive capability, this graphics card ranks at one of top positions when it comes to overall performance. Ideal for both gaming and mining, it is based on Nvidia’s latest Nvidia architecture. It can easily beat the RTX 2080 Super in terms of performance and efficiency. 

Another excellent feature is the relatively low energy cost. It has 60MH/s harshrate and an 8GB GDDR6 VRAM memory. The composition consists of 4,864 CUDA cores.  As an affordable RTX 30 GPU, it performs well with respect to several parameters. The only drawback includes an awkward 12-pin connector. With this graphics card, you can expect excellent returns on your initial investment, making it one of the best graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining.

2.     Runner up for overall performance: Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070

As a popular choice in the world of gaming, the RTX 2070 delivers optimum performance. While it is great for gaming, it is also excellent for value mining rigs. It draws a power of up to 225W and delivers up to 40MH/s for the hashrate. This constitutes decent returns to the overall investment. The composition includes 2304 CUDA cores that makes it optimum for multi-tasking. The larger number of CUDA cores can handle multiple tasks with absolute ease. The memory VRAM has a capacity of up to 8GB. This can handle a large amount of data for both mining ang gaming. If you are unable to obtain the RTX 3060 Ti, the RTX 2070 can be a great alternative. 

It has a good resale value as it enjoys popularity in the market. There is demand for the used GPU that makes it an excellent investment. Even if you decide to quit cryptocurrency mining, you can always sell your used GPU and expect a great value. For doing so, you can contact us at BuySellRam.com. We buy all types of used and new GPUs. You can take advantage of a safe and secured process and enjoy the cash value. We offer a free quote and can help you with a fast and efficient process. 

3.     Best Performance graphics card for cryptocurrency mining: Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090

Performance capability is one of the key highlights of the RTX 3090. It is incredible for cryptocurrency mining with a focus on optimum power consumption. You can expect a favorable return to your investment with a hashrate of about 121MH/s. It is also great for gaming at 4K and in some cases at 8K resolution. What sets it apart for cryptocurrency mining is the number of cores. The parallel processing that is necessary for cryptocurreny mining is made possible by the 10,496 CUDA cores. 

The memory consists of 24GB GDDR6X VRAM that is highly efficient for mining. With these features in place, you can expect an excellent return. It has DLSS 2.0 and 2.1 that make it an excellent choice for gaming too. With the aid of dedicated Tensor cores, it can run AI rendering in real time. It is expensive as compared to other graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining. It also demands a lot of power that can add to the cost of mining.

4.     Best Value of graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT

As a cost-effective option, you would find the RX 5700 XT quite beneficial for both gaming and cryptocurrency mining. With a hashrate of 54MH/s, it gives a decent return on mining. The memory consists of 8GB GGDR6 VRAM that signifies ample space for processing. It can be a value option if you are just entering into the mining world. At a relatively fair price, you can get a decent return on your investment. 

It is considerably older as it lacks the latest-gen AMD features. This can set you back for both gaming and mining. One major drawback may include instability issues while handling larger data and mining.

5.     Best Budget AMD: AMD Radeon RX 580

It may not rank as one of the best graphics cards for cryptocurrency when you consider it in terms of performance and capacity. But it is a good budget-friendly option that can help you get started into the world of mining. The power consumption is at 185W. If you use the optimum settings, you can expect a hashrate of 28MH/s. It is quite less as compared to other GPUs. Yet, it can pose as an affordable option with decent returns. As cryptocurrency mining demands memory, this does a great job with a capacity of 8GB GDDR5 VRAM. 

It delivers a lower rate of return if you would like to use it for serious mining. 

6.     Best Budget Nvidia: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super 

As an affordable option to get started, this can deliver a hashrate of 26MH/s. It has 1408 CUDA cores and a memory capacity of 6GB GDDR6 VRAM. The power draw is around 125W. You can expect fair returns when you use it for mining. It also has a high memory bandwidth at 336GB/s that is reasonable at the given price.

There are many options with newer upgrades in the world of graphics cards for cryptocurrency mining. Depending on the capacity, hashrate, and power draw, you can find a suitable option.