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If you enjoy gaming, you would be looking for ways to ensure maximum performance capability. While choosing the right type of graphics card is undoubtedly the main important step, it is also necessary to go with the right RAM. A RAM or memory would provide the necessary space for running the applications. The perfect type of RAM and GPU can ensure that the maximum gaming potential is reached. You can find the choice from the list of best RAM for gaming in 2021.

Speed and capacity are two important parameters for any RAM. For gaming purposes, a capacity of 16GB is ideal to start. If you are an entry-level gamer, you would find it sufficient with enough space for more applications. But, if you run multiple applications, programs, games, and intensive tasks involving graphics and videos, you would need to upgrade to 32GB. As clock speed plays an important role in the overall functioning, you must look for RAM with 3200MHz clock speed for gaming. While finding the best RAM for gaming for 2021, it is important to look at specifications, compatibility, upgradable options, and cost.

Options of best RAM for gaming in 2021

1.     Corsair Vengeance LED 

        This ranks as one of the best RAM for gaming in 2021 due to its brilliant performance. With a total capacity of 32GB, it has more than sufficient space for gaming applications. You can easily meet the specifications of all the games in 2021. It has a speed of 3600MHz that translates to uninterrupted performance and faster loading times. It runs in dual channel mode and ensures faster processing without any hassles. The only downside being cost, this RAM is relatively expensive as compared to other competitors in the market.

2.     G.Skill Trident Z Neo 

If you have an AMD Ryzen gaming PC, you can go with this RAM as one the best RAM for gaming in 2021. The speed ranges from 2600MHz to 3800MHz, ensuring excellent capability for any gaming applications. It has a maximum capacity of 32GB that is more than enough space for gaming. If you would like to expand to include applications for videos and graphics, you can easily upgrade up to 64GB. Besides the fast speed, it is also known for offering excellent RGB lighting. 

3.     Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB as one of best RAM for gaming in 2021

This is one of the best premium RAM for gaming that delivers impressive performance. It pairs with Corsair’s iCUE software that can bring out the performance capability of the RAM. With speed of 3200MHz and capacity of 32GB, it is absolutely ready for any and every gaming application. It can be considered as one of the high-end RAM due to the high prices when matched against competitors. 

4.     Ballistix Sport Gray as one of the budget RAM for gaming in 2021

You can consider this as one of the best RAM for an entry-level gamer. If you are building your gaming PC for the first time, you can go with this option. After enjoying the applications and exploring the entire range, you may consider going for an upgrade. While upgrading to new RAM, you can trade the used options as they have a demand in the market. You can buy another of the same module and run it with dual-channel mode. The Ballistix Sport Gray RAM is absolutely easy to install. It can match specifications of games from 2012 onwards. It has a decent capacity of 8GB that is enough while you start with basic gaming. 

5.     Trident Z RGB

For serious gamers, this DDR4 type RAM with 16GB capacity is an excellent option. It has a potential for handling multiple applications with ease. The clock speed of 4266MHz is incredible for streaming, gaming, and running multiple programs. If you use AMD Ryzen and pair it with the Trident Z RGB RAM, you can easily enjoy 4K gaming without any issues. It is also known for its excellent visual presentation. 

6.     HyperX Fury RGB as one of the best RAM for gaming in 2021

This is one of the best RAM for gaming in 2021 due to its dual advantages in terms of design and performance. With a faster speed of 3733MHz, you can expect excellent loading capability. There are different capacity options of modules ranging from as low as 4GB and up to 32GB. It also has an impressive RGB design that can give an excellent visual experience.

7.     Night Hawk RGB

Expect fast performance with dual channel mode of 16GB and a speed of 3200MHz. It is an also ideal RAM if you perform video editing on a regular basis. It performs extremely well for editing applications and gaming. Another advantage is the presence of heatsinks. It can remove any heat that is generated due to overloading. 

8.     Adata Spectrix D80

If you are excited to upgrade to a RAM with excellent looks, you can choose the Adata Spectrix D80. In terms of speed, it can go up to 4133MHz. It can perform well in four DIMM configurations. For maximum capacity, you can either choose 16GB or 32GB options. It is clearly the best RAM for gaming in an RGB-lit setup.

9.     Crucial Ballistix Sport

This is one of the best laptop RAM for gaming in 2021. It can give a great value in terms of performance and speed. You can take advantage of faster speeds for multiple applications and gaming. If your laptop is upgradable, you can opt for this RAM and use it for gaming. 

10.  Corsair Vengeance LPX

It can be considered as the best low-profile RAM for gaming. With a capacity of 16GB and speed of 3200MHz, it can ensure maximum performance. It features an eight-layer heat spreader that can keep it cool while overclocking. You can find two cooling fans that can attend to the generated heat. 

With the right option of RAM, you can take advantage of multiple activities and gaming applications. By pairing the right GPU, processor, and RAM, you can also ensure maximum performance capability. Depending on your budget and purpose, you can always upgrade to a new RAM. After checking the compatibility with the motherboard, you can replace the used RAM with newer and better options.