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GeForce RTX graphics card or GPU has a great demand in the market

When you are ready to upgrade to a new graphics card, you must be looking for options to sell the old one.  It is a good idea to check what is the worth of your used graphics card to understand its real worth in the market. The true price will depend on the supply and demand. There are many places where you can sell the old GPU. Generally, marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, and ITAD companies are good options to sell GPU. You can also contact us at BuySellRam where we accept old GPUs. You can sell GPUs to us before upgrading to a new one. Old GPUs have demand in the used market. Often, these are recycled and reused in the after-market industry. There can be demand for metals within the GPU. 

You can also sell on a peer-to-peer platform like Reddit or Facebook. Before selling the old GPU, you must research the availability, demand, and supply. This can give a clear idea about the type of GPU that you can sell. It is necessary to consider the delicate balance between the buyers and sellers. If there are more sellers of old GPUs, it may not give you a good price in return. On the other hand, if there are less sellers, you can expect good old GPU prices for your next purchase. 

We will focus on mid-range and high-end cards above the selling price of $250. The brands are of AMD and Nvidia that have many latest generations of promising GPUs for many gaming options. 

Let us look into what is the worth of your old graphics card:

1. High-end graphics cards – RTX 20 series

If you look at the high-end GeForce RTX 20 Series, you would like a price drop up to 19%. Most of the cards like the Titan RTX, RTX 2080 Ti, and RTX 2080 have been launched since 1.8 to 2 years. The prices vary depending on when the announcement is made. When it was announced that the new RTX 30 series was about to start, many customers were selling the 2080 Tis. The scarcity of the RTX 3080 cards led to a short increase in the selling price of 2080 Ti. But the situation changes as per the demand and supply of graphics cards in the market. You can check old GPU prices based on the research of the current situation. Due to the price increase of the 2080 Ti cards, now is a great time to sell it in the market. 

Similarly, when the RTX 30 series hit the market, it caused a price drop in the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Super. It fetched less than $500, while the value could have been $600. On an average, you can expect a depreciation of around 15% per year. It definitely depends on the launch of new GPUs. 

2. Complete RTX-20 series

The mainstream RTX- 20 series is enjoying a seller’s market at the moment. It has not depreciated much as compared to the high-end series. The depreciation is proceeding as per the expected value on an average based on new launches. You can expect excellent price for both the RTX 2060 Super and RTX 2060. 

3. Radeon 7nm GPUs 

If you would like to sell Radeon 7nm GPUs, there is increasing demand and you can expect good prices. All the Radeon 7nm GPUs can give good value for money in the market when you would like to sell them. On an average the price drop has been around 8.6% for the RX 5700 XT. While the RX 5700 has shown a price drop of around 2.5%. Radeon VII has a higher demand in the market that has made it easy to expect more returns. Most of the used graphics cards are able to give a price that is proportionate to their performance and utility. As the Radeon 7nm perform exceptionally well, the used ones can get a good price return. The price is not determined by the announcement of new launches. Instead they hold the true value purely on the basis of performance and processing capacity.

The Radeon VII has appreciated in value due to faster productivity and ability of handling greater workloads. The GPUs are able to process huge amounts of data and can multitask many activities at once. 

4. GeForce GTX 10 series

The GTX 10 series has seen a gradual depreciation in their value. Since the time of its launch, it has seen a dip of almost 15% per year. When the RTX 3080 announcement was made, there was a rush to sell the GTX series GPUs for a reasonable amount. Unlike the Radeon GPUs, the GTX does not have a demand justified by performance alone. This can lead to greater price fluctuations with passing time. 

5. Radeon Vega/ Polaris GPUs

These types of GPUs have seen a drastic price drop in the market. If you would like to know old GPU price, you must understand the demand in the current scenario. The RX Vega 64 liquid has seen a depreciation of around 20.9%, while the Vega 64 and Vega 56 have depreciated by almost 18%. Due to the price depreciation, you may not find a demand in the seller’s market. The GPUs have not been able to hold the true value as compared to other GPUs that still have a market for the old ones. 

Since the market of old GPUs is volatile, it is difficult to predict the right price for old GPUs. You can make the right choice depending on the type and model of the GPU. It is necessary to look out for any new launches and announcements. This can affect the price of your GPU. When a new announcement is made, most of the sellers storm the market at the same time. In such a scenario, you may not get the right amount for the GPU. Other determining factors include the type, model, processing capacity, usage, and specifications of the GPU. The processing speed and number of cores and threads can affect the overall demand purely on the basis of performance. 

You can expect a depreciation of around 15% per year from the MSRP. This guideline can help to determine the old GPU price

A look into what is the worth of your used graphics card

Graphics card from AMD with resale value in the market

There is a shortage of semiconductors across the globe. This translates into shortages of graphics cards. You would observe that new, used, and unused graphics cards are in great demand in the market right now. Hence, when you are searching for the answer to what is the worth of your used graphics card, you can expect a good value. It has led to massive price increases in recent times. As the shortage is felt on a global scale, it means more demand and less supply for most of the graphics card. This makes it a good time to sell your old graphics card. You may expect to gain a good return and can invest it towards a newer version.

If you look at the current street price of the Nvidia RTX 30 series, you would notice an average rise of about 3 times from the retail price. From the time of its launch in September 2020, there has been a steady rise in demand and value over the months that followed. It is appreciated for its faster processing and higher productivity, making it a favorable option among gamers. The base RTX 3060 had a retail price of $329 which is currently selling at $828. Similarly, the AMD RX series has increased in value by almost 2.4 times than the retail price. The AMD RX 6800 had a retail price of $579 that has jumped to $1331 in 2021. There are multiple listings of Nvidia and AMD graphics cards on platforms such as eBay that suggests a rise in demand for old graphics cards.

Limited supply of new graphics cards is one of the primary reasons for this price rise. Find the right answer to what is the worth of your graphics card and enjoy the returns. If you choose to sell your used graphics card, you can expect a good value with respect to the current situation. You can contact us at BuySellRam for selling used and old graphics cards, processors, hardware, memory, and much more.