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Gaming PCs offer impressive performance and fast speed for running gaming applications. You can extract the maximum benefit of graphics, sound quality, and speed when you opt for a gaming PC. Though consoles can also be an excellent option for gaming, they may not offer the same level of graphics and image quality. While understanding the cost of a 4K gaming PC, you must consider the cost of every component involved in the overall setup.

As 4K gaming PCs employ a wide array of high-power components and hardware, you can expect much superior performance. Also, gaming PCs contain different components like processor, RAM, HDD and SSD for storage, and monitor. This allows you to pick the different components based on your budget. Depending on your gaming requirements, you can opt for an upgrade in the future. 

In order to understand the cost of a 4K gaming PC, you can take a look at the processor and RAM that is needed for your games. Each of the gaming applications mention the recommended specifications. If you are a beginner in the world of gaming, you can go with an entry-level system before saving money for the higher upgrades such as a 4K resolution screen or a faster SSD. 

Tiers for determining cost of 4K gaming PC

There are different levels or tiers for building a gaming PC. These tiers can defer in the specifications of the hardware. The tiers also differ in the cost, giving us an estimate of how much money you need to save for each type. The right tier would depend on the level and preference of your gaming applications. If you enjoy intensive gaming applications that demand a higher resolution, you may require a high-end build. For entry-level beginners on a tight budget, you can opt for a budget-build. It can help you save money at the start, before you can search for feasible upgrades as the need arises.

The three tiers include budget builds, mid-range builds, and high-end builds.

1.     Budget builds 

As the name suggests, this is ideal when you are starting on a budget. The range lies between $400-$600. These builds can handle 1080p resolution and 60fps. In recent times, the performance offered by budget build has improved to a great extent. Hence, you can expect a decent level of PC for $500 with impressive capability and faster processing speed.

2.     Mid-range builds

This is a convenient level between the budget-tier and high-end. Most people opt for this type that ranges between $700- $1000. It can handle all the 1080p 60fps games with an excellent capability. You can also run it on ultra-high settings for games above 1440p. 

3.     High-end builds

This represents the top class of gaming PCs such as 4K gaming PCs. High-end builds can handle an entire range of gaming applications with focus on faster processing speed. They involve top level hardware components that can be compatible with a wider range of games. If you are a dedicated player who enjoys specialty gaming, you can opt for the higher-end build. These start at around $1000 and can give top-level 1080p/1440p performance. You can also overclock it for maximum benefits.

The overclocking can allow you to increase the speed and enjoy faster processing. If you would like to enjoy 4K gaming PC, you would need to expand the budget. For high-level performance featuring clear graphics and impressive speed, you may need $1200-$1500. With this budget, you can take advantage of i7/R7 and a minimum graphics card of RTX 2070. 

4K-ready high-end build

For maximum performance, you can opt for a $2000 4K-ready build. It involves some of the top-quality hardware that automatically increases the performance level. It can give as much power as possible. In order to enjoy intensive applications, you may need to invest in a powerful graphics card. For example, you can opt for an RTX 2080 Ti at around $500. This level of high-end build allows you to enjoy gaming at the highest settings. 

Understanding cost of 4K gaming PC based on components

Processors and graphics cards are the main components that determine the overall performance of a gaming PC. If you would like to enjoy a particular selection of games, you must consider investing in the right type of graphics card. In order to do so, you can start by investing a major portion of the budget for the graphics card and processor. All the other components may not amount to much and also would influence the performance like the main ones. 

Cost of graphics card for 4K gaming PC

There are many options for graphics cards. It ranges from $100 to $1200. You can choose the right one depending on the minimum requirements of your games. After picking a GPU that supports all the choices in your portfolio, you can also build the other components around it. A low-end GPU with minimum performance capability may lie somewhere between $100- $200. If you pick a mid-range GPU with decent settings and sufficient hardware capability, you can find it between $200-$500. And for a high-end GPU with maximum performance capability, you can find it above $500. 

Mid-range GPU include options like GTX 1050ti, GTX 1060, RTX 1660 cards, and few others. These offer an impressive price to performance ratio. For excellent high-end graphics card, you can go with GTX 1080ti or RTX 2080ti. These run over $500 but can easily deliver a smooth and stable performance. You can take advantage of a wider portfolio of games on 4K gaming PC. You can also run them on maximum settings with 4K resolution for real-time feel. It can enhance the overall appeal of the games with crystal clear images and faster loading speed.

Cost of processor

In order to get the maximum benefit of a graphics card, you must pair it with a high-quality processor or CPU. This will allow you to enjoy the performance at the maximum level. If you opt for a processor that falls behind the graphics card, you would experience significant delays. You would lose the performance and also experience bottlenecks. It can diminish the ability of multi-tasking, thereby reducing the processing capacity. You can find a low-end processor between $50-$150. A mid-range processor would lie between $150-$350. While in order to enjoy a high-end GPU, you can pair it with a high-end processor. This would give you ideal features such as capacity, speed, overclock ability, and much more. 

AMD and Intel are the main players for processors. For reliability and capability, you can opt for Intel i5 or i7. The AMD choices include Ryzen series such as Ryzen 7 2700x. 

With a budget of around $2000-$2500, you can opt for a 4K gaming PC. The cost of a gaming PC depends on the individual components, making it a customizable option. When you would like to upgrade to a new GPU, you can sell used GPUs to us at BuySellRam. We offer a great cash value for all types of used and new GPUs, CPUs, hard drive, RAM memory, and accessories.