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People upgrade their computer RAM, all the time. But what happens to those old chips and circuit boards?

Unfortunately, old RAM often gets thrown away. This is a waste because these components are made of gold, silver, platinum and other valuable precious metals that can be retrieved and reused.

Plus there are countless computer hobbyists who like to build their own equipment and need affordable used RAM to do it.

Even old RAM has some value. However, bear in mind that every time companies come out with new and more advanced computer technology, the value of that old RAM you have sitting around drops by a whopping percentage every month!

That means that the sooner you sell old RAM, the better.

When you sell old RAM, the benefits include: freeing up scarce, valuable space in your home or office; offsetting the cost of upgrading to additional RAM; being environmentally responsible – when you sell old RAM, you prevent it from ending up in a landfill.

Sure, there are recycling companies that will take computer waste off your hands, but only if you pay them first. Isn’t it smarter to make money from old RAM instead?

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