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If you are eager to upgrade your computer for a new one, you must be wondering about your options. You can add more storage capacity through HDDs and SSDs and also opt for new GPU for gaming. But if you are unhappy with the processor and experience frequent lagging, you can always go for a new computer at an excellent price. You can get a good price after you sell the computer. There are a variety of trusted options where you can obtain a fair return.

You can research your options and check the perfect place for your computer. It is necessary to ensure a fair value in return so you can invest it towards buying a new one. Before you find the right place for selling your computer, you must perform a few steps from your end. These are necessary to ensure that the computer is ready for the next user. It is also important to prepare it from your end and avoid any hassles once it is sold. 

Essential steps before you sell your computer

1.     Take backup of your data

As we have a lot of personal data on our computer, it is necessary to take a backup. After you decide to sell your computer, you can start to copy all your personal files to an external storage device. Irrespective of whether you may or may not require the data in the future, you should take a backup to avoid any permanent loss. Also, by taking a copy of your personal files, you can ensure your privacy. There are different options where you can save the data. If you do not have an external hard drive, you can store it on cloud-based services like Dropbox, Google drive, or OneDrive. 

2.     Sign out from all your accounts

After taking a backup, you can sign out of all your accounts. This includes signing out from emails, applications, and services on the Windows PC. It is extremely important so that the next user does not gain access to any of your personal accounts. Each of these applications may contain confidential details such as phone number, address, passwords, and other identification information. Hence, it is necessary to sign out from every single account.

3.     Erase your hard drive

Erasing your hard drive will be a final step in the process. Before you clear the hard drive, you must check if all files are copied correctly in the external storage device. After ensuring a successful transfer, you can delete all the files permanently. This process can take a while. You can connect your computer to a power source and allow it to delete all the files in a stepwise manner. In order to check if all the files are erased, you can restart your computer. It should show a blank home screen as you would see it for the first time as a new user. 

   Steps to sell your computer

 When you have cleared all the data and removed your personal files, you are ready to sell your computer. In order to sell the computer, you would have to list down all the specifications. It is necessary to give a detailed list of all the features and specifications. By doing so, you can ensure that sellers have the details for making a final decision. You can start by finding out the model number. The model number is usually present at the bottom of the laptop or behind the computer monitor.

 You can type the model number on Google and find out the specifications. Though you may not need to enter every single specification, you can list down all the important ones. This includes RAM, processor, storage, power consumption, battery life, and display resolution. 

If you are unable to locate the model number, you can also find the details from Device specifications on Windows. It includes the processor, installed RAM, and storage drive. On macOS, you can find it under system report after clicking ‘About this Mac’.  

With the list of specifications and features, you can write a detailed description of your computer. It is beneficial to include details about overall condition, model year, and battery life for maximum clarity.

Places to sell your computer 

This brings us to the final step where you can look around for good options to sell your computer. You can sell it on e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and eBay. Another option is to sell on peer platforms such as Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. You can also sell on trade-in websites that can send you a quote depending on the condition of your computer. 

1.     Selling on Trade-in Websites

By opting to sell on a trade-in website, you can take advantage of a safe and secured process. You do not need to worry about waiting for a favorable offer or bid on your computer. All you have to do is send the details about your computer. You can list down the specifications and describe the overall condition. The website shall send you a quote within a short while. After you accept the quote, you can pack and ship the product. You can expect the payment within a short while. 

If you would like to opt for this option, you can contact us at BuySellRam. We can accept all types of used computers and laptops. You can take advantage of an easy and secured process. When you are ready to sell your computer, you can contact us for a free quote. There are no hidden charges. You can expect an excellent price in return. 

2.     Selling on e-commerce platforms

You can also sell on eBay or Amazon. Here, you would need to make an account and list your product. It is necessary to prepare a good listing with all the details. As you are advertising your product, you would require clear photographs, description, and features. Depending on the demand and buyers, you can expect to receive a bid. The main disadvantage includes the waiting time for favorable offers. If your product is not in demand, you may not get the offers at your expected price. You may also need to pay a listing fee and selling fee. Besides, you must also check if you need to pay the shipping fees. 

3.     Selling on Facebook marketplace and Craigslist

You can sell your computer after posting an advertisement on Facebook marketplace or Craigslist. The only disadvantage is that you may have to trust a stranger in this process. It can add to unnecessary delays and stress.

Sell your computer for a good price and invest the amount towards a newer upgrade. After a careful research, you can opt for the right choice.