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When it comes to playing games, you have many options. Depending on your preference and pricing, you can choose the best option. It also depends on the type of games and easy availability. There has been a classic debate whether gaming PC is better or a console. With newer upgrades, gaming PCs have expanded the portfolio of games in recent times. It can expand the choices with newer options in the market. 

At the same time, consoles such as PlayStation 4 or Xbox One also offer a wide range of exciting gaming options. While both sides have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, you can go with something that suits your perfect requirements.

Let us draw a comparison between gaming PCs and consoles based on types, cost, games and compatibility. Each of these factors can build the argument towards choosing one over the other. 

Types of Gaming PCs and consoles 

1.     Gaming PCs- Desktops and laptops

There are two options for gaming PCs- desktops and laptops. When it comes to gaming, a desktop offers much better performance as compared to a laptop. This occurs due to the compact size of a laptop. When the CPU and GPU are running at maximum capacity, it cannot be handled by the underpowered components of a laptop. It may tend to overheat and cause a major issue with the performance. 

You can add an external graphics card to a laptop. But this can increase the cost to a great extent. It can also affect power consumption and battery life. The compatibility between a graphics card and laptop may not offer the same level of performance like a desktop. In terms of performance and value, you would realize that a desktop is a better choice than a laptop.

2.     Consoles

There are few key players that produce consoles. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo can be considered as the primary players. Sony offers Playstation, while Microsoft offers the Xbox. Both Playstation and Xbox have more hardware capability as compared to Nintendo’s Switch. You would find that Playstation 4 and Xbox One has a larger selection of games that can be comparable to the ones found in a gaming PC. It shares a wide range of games with it, thereby expanding the portfolio of choices. On the other hand, Nintendo focuses on innovative games and newer features that may be unique to its own platform. 

You would notice many similarities between Playstation 4 and Xbox One in terms of processing speed, performance, and capacity. Playstation 4 has high-quality single-player exclusive games that sets it apart from the other competitors. Xbox One has backward compatibility that expands the interoperability. 


If you compare gaming PCs and consoles based on cost, you would notice a major difference. Consoles are much cheaper than gaming PCs. It offers the advantage of a wider selection at a lower budget. Consoles are also cost-effective as they can last for a longer time. You can use them for games over an entire generation that may usually last for around seven years. This implies that you can play all the games from that particular platform without requiring any hardware or software upgrade. 

Gaming PCs are comparatively quite expensive. Unlike consoles that have a standard price, the cost of a gaming PC depends on the price of individual components. This can cause a huge difference in estimating the right amount. You can divide them into several categories based on the price. Entry-level PCs are the cheapest but they do not support most of the intensive gaming applications. 

The next category called Budget PCs are useful for running a few games. But they do not offer an impressive capability and faster processing speed. It may not deliver the perfect performance as demanded by the newer and upgraded games. You would be forced to upgrade after a few years, which can increase the cost. Mid-range gaming PCs can be counted as a balance between cost and performance. If you would like to extract the maximum benefit of gaming, you can go with high-end and enthusiast PCs. But the cost increases to a great extent as compared to consoles. 

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The selection of games in both gaming PC and console may be similar without any major differences in the recent times. Except for a few exclusive titles that are reserved for consoles, the selection may be quite similar. But when it comes to independent games like indie titles, you would see them only on a gaming PC. Also, games like MMOs, MOBAs, and strategy games are not found in consoles. For buying console games, you can opt for digital copy through their network or purchase hard copies. If you buy physical copy, you can always sell them later for a decent amount. In order to buy a PC game, the only available option is a digital copy. There is a large selection of games on both the platforms. 


Compatibility is not an issue when it comes to a console. When a game is released for a console, it will work correctly without any need for upgrades. However, compatibility can be a variable factor on a gaming PC. It may not be possible to optimize all the games as a gaming PC involves different types of components. Gaming PCs offer backward compatibility which means you can run older versions without any issue. However, consoles may not be backward compatible. For example, you cannot play most of the predecessor titles on PlayStation 4. Xbox One was compatible with most of the older releases too. 

Gaming PCs can provide better graphics and impressive performance. You can play a larger selection of titles and also acquire more copies at lower prices. The major disadvantage lies in the cost. Also, it can be difficult to play newer games without upgrading. Consoles are easy to set up and can play newer versions easily. It is also affordable as compared to a gaming PC. They may not have excellent graphics and performance. 

After careful consideration of all the pros and cons, you can find it beneficial to opt for a gaming PC due to clarity of graphics, processing speed, performance, backward compatibility, and larger selection of games.