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If you have upgraded your computer, you would probably like to sell the unwanted used RAM that was previously installed in your desktop or laptop computer.  This is a better idea than just throwing it away; besides being bad for the environment, this is a waste of the precious metals contained in every computer memory chip.

However, there are different methods for selling used RAM or memory.

Let’s look at some of the others

There is a fairly large market for used computer memory on websites like Craigslist, eBay and almost every site that brings buyers and sellers together. You post a description of your used RAM on the site, people place bids on it, and then you ship the items to the successful bidder.

The online auction method can sometimes get you a good price for your unwanted computer memory; however, managing the auction can be hard if you don’t have the free time to do it properly. There is also a risk whenever you are buying and selling with strangers on the Internet.

Sometimes local computer sellers or even thrift stores purchase used RAM, so they can upgrade the used desktops and laptops they have for sale. The downside of selling RAM this way is that you probably won’t get the maximum price for your items.

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