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The world of computers and digital technology is an ever-evolving field. Year after year, you would notice newer updates and impressive features that can change the profile of applications. As your work profile and purpose changes, you may need to opt for a new computer or a new upgrade. For example, you may require a higher memory or RAM for faster processing. If you perform multiple tasks at once, you may need a RAM that can support it. You may also need a new processor or CPU with higher capacity. In such a scenario, you can always sell your old computer, before buying a new one.

Selling your old computer can fetch a good value in the market. Depending on the overall condition of the computer, you may find the right buyers with the necessary demand. There are multiple places for selling your old computer. If you wait for a longer time, you may not get a good value in return. As the years pass by, the old computer may simply collect dust and lose its value. Rather than discarding it as junk, you can sell it at the right time. Though you may have outgrown the computer and need an update, it can still be valuable for an entry level user. 

The selling should not be restricted to a computer or laptop alone. You can also sell old computer parts and hardware such as memory, processor, hard drive, keyboard, monitor, and other accessories. A hard drive such as an SSD or HDD can have a great demand among enthusiastic users. You may be able to get a good cash value by selling these parts and much more.

Places where you can sell your computer for cash

There are a variety of places that can offer a cash value for your old computer. The method of selling and payment may differ. Depending on what you want to sell, you can find the right place for it. 

1.     Amazon trade-in 

You can take advantage of the Amazon trade-in plan for selling any old computer, hardware, and other electronic accessories. In order to start, you can fill in the details about the item. For example, it may require a number of items, name, brand, size, and such details. You can expect an offer in a short while. If you accept the offer, they can send a free shipping label for sending the items. It is necessary to pack it well and send it across. After Amazon receives your package and verifies it, it can send you an Amazon gift card for the offer amount. 

2.     Apple Trade-In

Apple accepts computers of any brand besides the Apple products. It accepts old computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. It can offer Apple store gift cards for buying any product from the Apple store. You can use the online trade in service for selling your devices. It may take up to 2-3 weeks for the completion of the transaction. If you would like to place an order for a new product, you can use the store credit. For a faster transaction, you can also visit the nearest Apple store in your area and sell the item quickly for an Apple card.

3.     Best Buy Trade-in program

Selling your old computer or hardware at Best Buy is an easy straightforward process. You can fill the online questionnaire with all the details about your old device. Best Buy can send you a quote in a short while. If you accept it, you can mail your items and wait for the Best Buy gift card. It may take longer through the online process. If you require faster processing, you can visit the store and sell the devices.

4.     BuySellRam to sell your old computer

At BuySellRam, you can sell all types of old computer, CPU, laptop, hardware, memory, SSD, GPU, test equipment, computer accessories and much more. You can take advantage of a simple online process. Here, you can enter the basic details and get a free quote within a short while. After accepting the offer, you can send the items and enjoy the cash value. You can expect excellent returns and use that money for buying a new device. If you are looking for a new computer or would like to upgrade to a new RAM, processor or SSD, you can also take advantage of the price money. 

      By choosing any of the options, you can sell the old device and reap benefits. It is useful to sell the old devices in excellent condition instead of discarding it as trash. You can also avoid the hassle of paying an amount towards recycling. 

Steps to be taken before selling your computer for cash

1.     Researching your options:

It is easy to sell your old computer and accessories at a number of places. But before you decide, you must research your options. You can start by gathering all the details about your device. For example, you can search for the specifications and features on Google. If you know the brand, name, and model number, you can easily find the other details. It is useful to provide all this information as much as possible so you can expect a fair return and the right quote.

2.     Taking backup of data

When you are selling your old computer, you must make sure to take a backup of all your data. You may not require any file right away, but it is always a good idea to keep a backup in case the need arises in the future. You can take a backup in any external storage device or on cloud-based services like Dropbox or Google Drive. 

3.     Sign out from all accounts

It is necessary to sign out from all applications, emails, browser accounts, and programs. This is extremely important for safety and privacy. Hence, you must make sure to clear browsing history and remove all possible identification information. 

4.     Erase the hard drive

Before you erase the hard drive and delete all the files permanently, you must check if the data has been transferred correctly. The final step is to delete the data permanently and restore it to factory settings. You can switch it off and turn it on again to confirm that everything is complete. The home screen should be clear of any files and look as good as new. 

With these steps, you can be ready to sell the old computer and hardware for a good price. You can pack and ship it to the destination and enjoy the amount in a short duration.