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The Most Common New Years Resolution for Businesses

Happy New Year!

Finally, we can put 2020 behind us and look forward to all the great things that lie await in 2021. Here at BSR, the business resolution we’re hearing most often (ourselves included) usually starts with people asking How Can I Take My Business To The Next Level?

While we can’t help with everything- we can help with your business tech goals. We break down the most common business resolution we hear and how we can help you achieve it:.

The most common NYC business resolution we hear is I Need to Upgrade my Business Equipment!

Computers Running Slow? Taking forever to download and load files? Or simply running out of hard drive space? Heck- we’ve even seen businesses struggle to find drivers that support new applications and operating systems, leading to reliability and compatibility issues with their old computer equipment.

RAM (computer memory) is a major pain point we’ve seen across the industry. Ask yourself “How often do I have multiple tabs open on my browser at once?” And how often do all of your employees and coworkers do as well? If the answer is nearly always, then it’s likely you’re going to need more RAM for all your computers. There’s no worse feeling than wanting to be get something done but your PC is holding you back- which often leads to employee frustration and greatly decreases their productivity.

But I’m saving money by not spending it on new equipment and keeping my old ones!”

Yes, but you’re going to have to upgrade and repair your older computer equipment. Older tech requires significantly more maintenance. And if a major technical fault happens (common with older devices), like a server crash, this can set a business back several days or weeks and cause a drop in productivity and revenue. If you’re unsure, we recommend upgrading your computer equipment every three years, and even more often if you can afford it. This will actually end up saving you money in the long run.

OK- I’m upgrading to new computer equipment. What can I do with the old stuff?

Your old computer and IT equipment still has value. Rather than just junk it, you can sell it to us! BuySellRam.com is an authorized buyer of all computer equipment. We buy all of these in bulk:


CPU’s & Processors

Hard Drives

Cell Phones


And pretty much everything else! Visit www.buysellram.com or call us at 321-972-6633 to get started.