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As we use our computer on a daily basis, we tend to ignore the overall performance. Unless we experience a major slow down or lag, we may not perform any basic cleaning or run the latest updates. After continuous usage for a long time, you may come across lagging that can impact your productivity. While this is a temporary problem, it is possible to fix it on a regular basis. You can follow a few steps to make your computer feel new again. If you are encountering major issues like slow processing between multiple tasks, you may need to change the RAM or processor. If multi-tasking is your main focus, you can benefit by upgrading a RAM with larger capacity. But if that is not the case, you can easily transform your computer into a new one through easy steps.

Though upgrading to new components may help you with more capacity and higher productivity, you may do so based on your usage. Depending on your workload, you can decide if you need an upgrade for processor, RAM, or storage. But it may not always be necessary. It is impossible to go for an upgrade each time you experience a minor issue. Hence, it is necessary to adopt a few methods that can ensure cleaning and clearing for maximum productivity. 

By following these steps on a regular basis, you can take advantage of an updated and upgraded system. It can help you to extract the maximum benefit out of the computer. These processes are applicable to all types of computers. Whether you use a laptop or a desktop, you can make your computer feel new. 

1.     Updating to the latest software

You must be aware about the annoying system notifications that pop up in the middle of your work. These notifications remind you to update to the latest version of software. Though you may not be able to update right away, you can always set a reminder for a later hour or day. The updates are provided by the operating system. Whether you use Windows or Apple macOS, both the operating systems provide regular updates. The updates contain information that can add improvements to your system. It may either be a newer version of an existing feature or a completely new feature. Updating the latest software can make your computer feel new. 

It can improve the overall productivity by bringing you to speed with the latest developments. If you ignore the software updates, you may be running all the applications over an older and slower version. It can only reduce the pace of your work. Many of the updates also contain solutions to any known bugs or issues. It can help you to keep your data safe and secured. By staying on the latest software version, you can eliminate the worry of compromising your data. 

When the system sends you a notification for an update, you can start it right away. If you are in the middle of important work, you can schedule it in the future. Software updates take some time depending on the patch, hence it is necessary to accommodate the time requirement accordingly. You can check for any updates on a Mac by selecting the Apple icon on the top left. Here, you can select preferences and pick software updates. On Windows, you can search for updates in the search bar. 

2.     Uninstalling unused applications to make the computer feel new

This can be considered as one of the most important steps to make your computer feel new again. It is a universally applicable step that applies to each one of us. We often install apps for a particular task. After using the application, we may never need it again in the future. Yet, it occupies a major space in our storage. Such unused apps that are large in size can only add to the problems. This makes it necessary to check the applications regularly and uninstall the unused ones. You can do this on a regular basis.

As each of the applications consume space in the storage, it can create unnecessary delays in your work. Rather than allowing the applications to sit idly, you can uninstall and free the space to make your computer feel new. If there is a need to use the program in the future, you can always install it back again. Uninstalling and installing is much easier than dealing with a slow system on a daily basis. 

For uninstalling apps on Mac:

1.     You can go to the Applications folder. Here, you would have a list of all the installed applications.

2.     When you select a particular application, it opens a small box with all the details.

3.     You can read the size of the application. If you do not use the application, you can delete it. 

For uninstalling apps on Windows

1.     You can type ‘Uninstall’ in the search bar near the Start menu.

2.     You can add or remove programs to uninstall the apps of your choice.

3.     Another option is to sort the apps by size. This will give you an idea about any unused applications that are occupying maximum space for no reason.

4.     You can also browse through the list of all the other applications and pick the unused and old ones.

3.     Clearing the junk files to make your computer feel new

As the name suggests, junk includes all the unused files and programs that simply occupy space. Freeing up all your junk files from time to time can be an excellent way to make your computer feel new. Junk often consists of old temporary cache files, any old downloaded files and folders, unused programs. When you use the browser to visit any websites, it can save a small amount of cache into the hard drive. Over a period of time, a lot of cache and temporary files can occupy a significant portion of your system. By clearing the junk files on a regular basis, you can avoid the unnecessary build-up. 

On windows, you can activate ‘Storage sense’ under the storage section. This feature can automatically clean up any temporary files that are not in use. You can also select options like delete files that have been in the recycle bin for over 30 days or temporary files that are unused by apps.

4.     Cleaning the computer

Finally, by cleaning the physical setup, you can make the computer feel new again. You can use any dry cloth and clear all the dust. You can also clean the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and tower. It is necessary to avoid any chemicals or water around the system. You can use alcohol wipes to clean the screen and delicate keys of the keyboard.

By following a few important steps, you can easily make the computer feel new again. But if you encounter issues due to low storage and slower processing, you may opt for a new computer. Before buying a new system, you can sell your used computer or computer parts to us at BuySellRam. We can offer cash value for your used devices with a simple and efficient process.