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There is no doubt about the excitement and anticipation about PC games. Whether you are an entry-level gamer with an interest in exploring new titles or a high-end gamer with a wide selection of favorite games; there is something for everyone in the world of games. Thus, finding the hottest games in 2021 is an easy task due to the variety and quality in store. With the advent of new technological milestones, it is extremely easy to make the most of the gaming experience. You can enjoy the latest features like ray tracing and real-life visuals that can put you at the center of all the action. There are newer and newer graphics cards that support a wide array of games. 

You can build a gaming PC by choosing the right components and enjoy a personalized experience. There are different options of graphics cards or GPUs with differences in features like capacity, number of cores, processing speed, and power consumption. You can assemble the right kind of CPU, memory, GPU, and storage like HDD or SSD for a complete fun-filled gaming experience. If need arises, you can also trade used computer parts for a newer upgrade. 

By looking at the top hottest games released in 2021, you can find your favorite pick to take advantage of the newer options. Based on your preferences and interests, you can go with the best choices. You can also explore the minimum recommended settings for each game before you opt for a particular choice. The top hottest games include titles from gaming PC and consoles. 

Exploring the top 10 hottest games in 2021

1.     Hitman 3 – hottest action game

Get ready for some renewed entertainment and thrill in this sequel title. It adds five new locations for more options. You will also notice new toys and tactics that can help agent 47 to take down the targets. There are changes in the story that can make you feel more immersed and engrossed with the entire experience. It can be regarded as one of the hottest games in 2021 due to the new thrills added by the story. For example, it brings exciting assassination playgrounds into the plot. The Hitman 3 title does justice to the Hitman trilogy, offering a wide array of technical upgrades for an immersive and engaging experience. 

2.     Persona 5 strikers

  A direct follow up to Persona 5, the Persona 5 strikers enhance the experience with new tactics and strategies. It has a story that focuses on doing good in society. As an action role-playing game, it has all the elements of adventure, thrill, and mystery. You will encounter many surprises and mysteries while attempting to navigate the world as a protagonist. It has a BOND system for gaining bonus points throughout the game. While you interact with players, win battles and progress ahead in the story, you will see an improvement in the BOND values. 

3.     Valheim – hottest survival game

This can qualify as one of the hottest survival games in 2021. It employs skills such as craftsmanship to maneuver difficult situations. As compared to other crafting and survival games, this title is easily accessible by a wider audience. You can come across tutorials and tools as and when you progress in the game. This makes it easy and convenient even for entry-level gamers. The tools can help you to learn the basics of terraforming, crafting, combat, and farming. As you gain control of the different activities, you can move from one level to the other. If you enjoy construction, you will like the manipulation tools and strategies that revolve around building new things.

4.     Super Mario 3D world and Bowser’s Fury

This can be regarded as one of the hottest games in 2021 for entry level gamers. It stays true to the original essence of Mario games with exciting new ideas and newer exploration schemes. It is based on a beach setting with islands that depict newer levels. Unlike the other Mario titles where you may see a fixed pattern from one stage to another; the Bowser’s Fury resembles an open world with all elements within a single frame.

5.     Loop Hero- unique hottest game

This newest addition in 2021 relies on passive behavior as the central highlight. This makes it one of the unique titles where instead of taking control as the hero, the player prepares the hero for its battles. It is all about strategy and thoughtful planning in order to navigate the difficult scenarios. As a player, your role will be to prepare the environment, abilities, and weapons while the hero marches ahead in the storyline.

6.     Monster Hunter Rise

Enjoy the feeling of progression as you adopt different forms of monster in the Monster Hunter Rise. There is a lot of variety and diversity in the gaming strategies that easily makes it one of the hottest games released in 2021. It retails the fun and innocence of the Monster Hunt like seen in the previous titles, while expanding it to include more adventure and thrill. 

7.     The Climb 2- hottest display-based game

This title on Oculus Quest 2 brings solo climbing to life with virtual reality tactics and enhanced graphics. The first version involved many natural features in a static landscape. On the other hand, this sequel focuses on cityscapes and newer surroundings. It increases the immersive experience with interactive animals, unexpected surprises, and uncertain twists. 

8.     Wild Rift

The League of Legends title is ready with newer tactics in 2021. It is quite accessible as compared to the other titles, making it one of the widely enjoyed games among gaming enthusiasts. There are newer strategies that involve using a powerful laser beam on the enemies or frying them out of the competition. 

9.     Outriders

Another popular choice of hottest games in 2021, Outriders engages a third-person cover-based shooter. It has many exciting updates and expansions that makes it one of the most ambitious games. The qualifying highlights include the newer strategies built around shooting that involve impressive tactics. 

10.  It Takes Two

If you enjoy a two-player cooperative game, you can extract fun from the latest title ‘It Takes Two’. It involves engaging and interesting puzzles built around the idea of saving a marriage. There is symbiosis, coordination, and simultaneous actions between the two players, while they navigate different situations. It focuses on creativity and innovation as the guiding principles. 

You can choose any of these top hottest games in 2021 for an interactive and engaging gaming experience. If you realize that your GPU needs an upgrade to make the most of the newer titles, you can go ahead and sell the used one for a cash value. Using compatible and recommended gaming components is the best way to extract fun from the titles.