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If you are excited to buy a new laptop, you must be wondering about the options for your old one. It is easy to sell your laptop online and earn some cash in the process. Depending on the overall condition of your laptop, you can get a great value. There are many places that accept old and used laptops for sale. You can research your options online and find the best deal in the situation. You may find it beneficial to invest the amount towards a newer upgrade.

Before you decide to buy a new one, it is a good idea to check the worth of your used laptop. You can check listings of similar laptops on various websites and understand the selling price. Though the right value of your laptop would be specific to your condition, you can get an overall idea about the demand. It can also depend on the demand for a particular model or type, hence it is useful to research all the options beforehand.

There are pros and cons about choosing the right place to sell your laptop online. You would come across a wide variety of options, hence finding the perfect one may seem like a task. There are websites where you can advertise your laptop and wait for the right bids or offers. In this scenario, it is extremely essential to give all the specifications, features, and photographs for a good offer. On the other hand, you can go for trade-in websites that directly give you a quote with a confirmed price.

1.     Finding out the worth before you sell laptop online

This is the first step for understanding your options in the market. As the value of a laptop decreases with passing years, you cannot estimate the selling price based on the buying price alone. Depending on the model, usage, and specifications, you can estimate a rough amount when you sell the laptop online. This step is essential because it will give you an idea of what you ask in your listing. If you use e-commerce platforms like eBay or Amazon, you would have to enter the selling price. Without doing a thorough research, you may not have the correct price in mind.

If you choose to sell it on any of the trade-in websites, you should know whether to accept the quote. One way is to check the value of the laptop on the website Gadget Value. This easy-to-use appraisal website can provide a rough estimate based on the model, manufacturer, and condition. Another option is to use eBay. Here, you can look for a listing similar to your laptop and find the current asking price.

2.     Selecting the best place to sell your laptop online

After finding an approximate value of your laptop, you can search for the right places. Depending on your comfort and convenience, you may choose the right option. It can also depend on how soon you would like to get the cash value. If you put a listing on a website like eBay, you may have to wait for an uncertain period of time. Unless you get the right offer according to your budget, you may need to wait. When you use any of the trade-in websites, you may get a free quote within a short while. After accepting the quote, you can ship the laptop and enjoy the benefits at the earliest. 

a.     eBay

This is one of the most popular places to sell your laptop online. You would find many listings on the website offering used laptop and desktop computers. There are two ways of selling on eBay. You can list it and sell it in an auction manner. Here, you can mention a minimum amount and wait for offers above the amount. Another option is to state a fixed price that you feel is fair without waiting for any bids or offers. 

b.     Best Buy Trade-in

You can sell your laptop either online or by visiting the store. Best Buy has an excellent trade-in option where you can get a fair value in return. You can take advantage of the online process and enter the details of the laptop. It can give a rough estimate, allowing you to know the amount.  

c.     Apple Trade-in

You can use this option to sell your used Apple laptop and use the amount for a new purchase. If you are buying a new Apple laptop, you can use the amount for the purchase. They have a convenient tool on the website where you can enter the details like model, year, and condition. You can expect a free quote in a short while. 

d.     Amazon trade-in

This is another popular choice to sell your laptop online. You can use the website to enter the details about your laptop. They can provide a quote and give an Amazon gift code. You can ship the product and enjoy the gift code for any new purchase. If the laptop is not sent in the same condition as described, you can risk losing a certain value from the gift code. You can also wait to get paid until Amazon verifies the product. 

e.     BuySellRam to sell laptop online

You can sell your laptop online to us at BuySellRam.com. We have a simple process where you can enter the details about your product. We accept all types and brands of used laptops. You can expect a free quote based on the details. Take advantage of an excellent cash value when you sell to us. 

f.      Facebook groups and marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another convenient platform where you can take advantage of a wide connection of interested buyers. You can post photographs and provide details about your used laptop. Depending on the offer, you may have to wait for the right opportunity. You can also post the advertisement on local groups. You may have to bear the shipping cost if the buyer stays far away. If you decide to meet the person locally, you must choose to meet at a common public place. Also, it is advisable to go along with somebody while dealing with strangers.

3.     Preparing laptop for sale 

After you decide the option and accept the quote, you must make sure to take a backup of your data. You can use cloud-based storage services like Google Drive, Onedrive or Dropbox. Another option is to use an external hard drive disk for storing all the information. Backup is important to prevent any loss of data. After taking a backup, you can erase all the files and restore the factory setting. Erasing your hard drive can ensure data privacy. You must also log out from all accounts as a precautionary step.

After wiping the data, you can install a fresh version of the operating system and keep it ready for the next user. You must also ensure proper packaging before shipping the laptop. You can read about the right way for packaging in order to avoid any damage during transit. Sell your laptop online and enjoy an excellent value in return.