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As we head into the New Year, folks often tend to get a head start on spring cleaning- and one of the first items to go are used computer parts and accessories.

Whether it be a CPU, processor, or any other component- it lying around collecting dust isn’t helping you any. And instead of junking it for nothing, more and more people and businesses are finding ways to sell their old cpu’s for cash- especially if they’re larger loads. If you’re thinking about doing the same, read on for our tips:

Tip #1: Now is the right time to sell

There isn’t a better time to sell your old cpu’s than right now. With COVID shutting down factories, and more people working from home than ever, demand for computers and parts are at an all-time high, while the supply is at its lowest. If you have computer parts to sell, you’re in luck- it’s a seller’s dream market, with prices being paid for old computer equipment higher than its ever been.

Tip #2: Find out what you have exactly

Quad core? I3/i5/i7 series? Intel Xeon series? With so many different types of cpu’s and processors, it’s important to identify what you have first. Start by checking for the model number on the CPU. A simple Google search can show hundreds of comparisons, and a click into “Shopping” can show you just how much they go for.

Tip #3: Try and cut out the middlemen

Ok so now you know you want to sell your computer equipment, and you have an idea of how much you’d like for it. You put it up on eBay, get an offer, and sell for the price you wanted. Only to come to find out you’re getting much less than the agreed upon price. Why? Because of all the fees. Online marketplaces may charge an insertion fee and final value fees- so you pay a fee to list, and also when you finally sell. Want to set a reserve price, change how long the auction goes for, or even just list it in bold? You guessed it- there are fees added for all of those as well.

Tip #4: Sell your CPU to BuySellRam.com for cash

BuySellRam.com is a premier technology marketplace- they buy and sell used CPU’s, processors, RAM/memory, iPhones, and all other computer parts and equipment. They have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, and have been buying and selling used computer equipment since 2013.

From the folks at BSR: “We buy CPUs in bulk, all makes and models– and we are confident that we can beat any offer you get. Please shop around and call us the last, because we buy CPUs & we PAY THE MOST!”

Their process is simple- you fill out their free quote form, they help you on how to ship your items to them, and you get paid within 24 hours.

For more info on how to sell cpu’s, please visit www.buysellram.com