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Storage space is one of the main requirements in any computer. A PC must have adequate internal space for storing files, applications, programs, and media. Storage refers to a long-term or permanent type that can save data as long as you use the computer. Unlike RAM memory that saves data for a short while, storage retains data even after shutting down the computer. Hard drive is the component that stores data. Every PC requires a hard drive that can save the files. The amount of data that can be stored would depend on the capacity of the hard-drive. Though hard disk drive or HDD is the most common or traditional form of storage, it is now being replaced by solid state drive or SSD. Since SSDs have several benefits over HDD, now is the right time to upgrade your PC’s hard drive to an SSD.

SSD or solid state drive uses flash memory technology for data storage. While HDD uses mechanical movement between a spinning platter and a disk. SSDs are the newer storage systems that have several benefits including faster processing speed, data reliability, durability, less power consumption, and many others.

When should you upgrade your PC’s hard drive to an SSD?

A PC’s hard drive is the spot that stores your operating system. An operating system is undoubtedly the main software feature that provides you an interface to interact with the computer. When you start the PC, you can observe the different applications, programs, files, and icons due to the OS. Hence, a hard drive must have the capacity to save the OS and all the other files such as images, videos, and games. Saving data is not the only purpose of an HDD, it must also have a fast processing speed to load applications and run programs.

As HDD contains mechanical parts, it has to depend on the movement of an arm over the disk. When the data is requested by the processor, the arm has to move over the disk where the data is stored. It can lead to slower processing as opposed to an SSD. SSD contain flash memory chips that save the data on individual chips. It can return the data within a short interval leading to faster processing time. 

Due to this advantage, you would notice a significant difference between the usage of an HDD and SSD. SSD has an access speed of around 35 to 100 microseconds. This is clearly 100 times faster as compared to an HDD. You can expect an access speed of around 5,000 to 10,000 microseconds while using an HDD. 

Upgrading your PC’ s drive for a faster speed

Speed is the primary benefit of upgrading your PC’s hard drive to SSD. In order to benefit from faster speed, you can upgrade your PC’s hard drive immediately. Depending on the compatibility of your motherboard, it is beneficial to opt for an SSD. It is one of the easiest methods to improve your computer performance. It can make your system much faster, making it easier to load multiple applications. If you run multiple programs, you may often experience lagging. When you depend on HDD as your primary storage device, it can increase the processing time. Though you may not notice it while handling one single application, it can show a significant difference with programs that consume more data. It is particularly observed while handling CPU intensive activities. If it slows down your operating system, you would experience a major issue for your routine activities.

Upgrading your PC’s hard drive to SSD can make your system faster and improve the daily usage experience. Currently, there are many options for SSDs in the market. You would also notice that the prices of SSDs have dropped significantly. If you have an HDD, you can sell and replace it with an SSD. In order to extract the benefits from a standpoint of improving performance, you can upgrade your PC’s hard drive with one SSD. On this SSD, you can save applications, program files, operating system, and any other sensitive information. For storing your bulk data that consists of images, videos, media, audio, and any other files of larger volume, you can choose the HDD. 

Benefits of upgrading your PC’s hard drive to an SSD

There is no doubt about the benefits of switching to an SSD. The faster processing speed is also useful for gaming. If you run basic gaming applications, you would realize that it consumes lots of data. You would require an SSD that can return the data instructions as and when demanded.

There are several advantages for upgrading your PC’s hard drive to an SSD at the earliest.

1.     Faster performance

With faster launch times, faster data retrieval, and overall faster processing speed, there is no need to wait for an upgrade. Take advantage of quick response times to boost your productivity. You would also notice quicker boot ups and faster file transfers. Unlike HDDs that can give faster data only if it is located close to the read/write heads, SSDs do not have this limitation. As all the parts of an SSD can be accessed at the same time, it can return it easily. 

2.     Higher efficiency 

When you upgrade your PC’s hard drive to an SSD, you can take advantage of an efficient storage system. It consumes less energy as compared to an HDD. Hence it can save battery life and also ensure efficient power consumption. 

3.     Reliability

In terms of reliability, you can easily trust an SSD. Since HDDs contain moving parts, they may experience mechanical failure. Over usage can cause occasional wear down. Due to the involvement of flash memory, you may not find any major issues with data reliability. 

4.     Generate less noise and heat

With the presence of a moving arm and disk, you can expect a certain level of background noise with an HDD. On the other hand, the lack of any moving parts turns into a major advantage for SSDs. It generates less noise and heat. SSDs are also durable, tough, lightweight, and resistant as compared to HDDs.

It is beneficial to upgrade your PC’s driver to an SSD as soon as possible. There are many options of capacities and sizes. Depending on the budget, you can easily find an option for your computer. Selling your used HDDs is a good idea to reap an excellent cash value in return.